An environmentally focused company What is cleaner or greener than pure water? Shiny Happy Cleaners is proud to offer the greenest cleaning available. No chemicals - just 100% pure filtered clean water.

Our Specialization

Tap water contains impurities like chlorine, nitrates, phosphates and other heavy metals which can leave spots and streaks. Our specialized four-staged filtration systems allow us to filter out ALL the contaminants from the water which leaves a clean spot free surface longer than traditional methods.

  • Increase the life cycle of your investments – the build-up of harmful chemicals can cause damage over time.

  • Chemicals leave a film behind which dirt can stick to. Our pure water method means things stay cleaner longer!

What to Expect

At Shiny Happy Cleaners we focus on the exterior cleaning of residential and commercial buildings.
The Shiny Happy Cleaning team uses a pole fed pure water system that allows us to reach up to 60’ without the use of ladders. This protects your house from scratches, dents and damage and also keeps our employees safe.